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Lessons and Rentals


For those of you who want to mix learning and fun, these lessons are tailor-made! On the sheltered bay, " Le Bassin", there are many activities available: windsurfing, caravelle, laser, optimist, and snorkeling. Whether you are a novice or an experienced sailor/surfer, our professional and competent specialists will guide you and help you progress at your own pace.

When: June to August 2018

Duration: 2 hours

Rates: *

Snorkeling: $60
Optimist: $70
Caravelle: $95
Laser: $95
Windsurfing: $95

* Taxes not included in prices


Istorlet has a wide variety of nautical equipment that is available for rental.

On the sheltered bay, " Le Bassin ", in Havre-Aubert, you can practise your favorite nautical activities!

* Please note that rental of sailboat and windsurf is reserved for people who have enough knowledge of these sports.

Duration 1-hour rate * 2-hour rate *
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) $25 $40
Surf kayak -single $20 $30
Surf kayak -double $30 $45
Windsurf $60 $90
Caravelle $60 $90
Laser $50 $75
Optimist $35 $50
Canoe $40 $60
Rabaska ---- $70
Flippers $5 $5
Mask and snorkel $5 $5
Wetsuit $10 $10
Boots $5 $5
Bike $5
or $20 (per day)

* Taxes not included in prices

Carte hirondelle


«Carte hirondelle» allows you to take advantage of 3 lessons and 3 rentals of 2 hours, on your choice of equipment (caravelle, laser, or windsurfing).

Furthermore, you will receive a 25 % discount on the guided excursions (surf kayaking or sea kayaking).

Duration: 2 hours per day, for your stay

Rates: *

$950/family (max. 4 people)

* Taxes not included in prices